Monday, April 18, 2011

i hate this love song.


I was just thinking to myself, about how living in the US has changed my life so far.
No doubt, I'm a changed person as compared to the ol' me back in Motherland.
-Confession Time-
One thing's fer sure, I shopped ALOT on-line.

S'anyway, I just got my package from!! 
If you know me, you'll know how I'm a sucker for pretty, nice, super cute (stuff) stationeries. (everything & anything under the sun!)
I was so so so pretty sure that I ain't gon' buy ANYTHING ANYMORE.
Until I found this uber awesome site.
The stuffs are all imported from Korea, (lookit the site name)
This site only ships to the US (i heard) but if you're not from the US, you could give it a go!

Right, so I'm pretty satisfied with what I bought and I would love to share these with 
just anyone who reads this!

Item #1 Super cute mini notebook! It was really cheap!

Item #2 This site has soooo many cute stickers! I couldn't help it!

These stickers could so motivate me to study.

Items #3 and #4 A candy cane pen and a sheep pen! (couldn't help it T_T)

Item #5 This site also has D cutest post-its! 

Item #6 Post-its again. This time, a burnt out one!

Item #7 Ribbon stickers! Cuteness overload T_T

Item #8 More stickers :D 

Item #9 Post-its the shape of a chubby sheep!

Item #10 Pig strap! Already bonded it with my purse :))

Cuteness in a pic!

That is all :)) for now
Also, I bought a few clothings too from this site.
Yes, not only does this site offers so many cute daily stuff, they also have clothes, bags and 
shoes (which are really gorgeous and IMO are really heavy on the price too)
So yep, go have a look, it won't kill ;))

Those Days.