Thursday, April 28, 2011

is it time to let go of you?


The fact that it's only less than 2 short weeks left,
'til my semester, my first semester over at IUP,
ends, is pretty um, surreal.

I don't know what I'll be doing in the next 4 months. It's gonna be exciting, challenging and spontaneous.
How rare is it, for you to not know what you'll be doing in the next 4 months? It is very rare for me. All my life, it has always been planned ahead. Way ahead.
My life over here at IUP is so far so good, I've met so many different types of people,
I've always thought I'm rather, an open, outgoing type of person,
but I found myself being so friggin' shy when it comes to the real thing.
I'm changing, as always. (First step's to admit, hehe)

2 weeks left! And I have so many things to do, I don't even know where to start!
1) Plenty of calls to make! (I have been contacting a friend and aunts I know living in NY)
2) Last week of classes, last-minute works from Professors, no joke.
3) Finals week! 'nuff said.
4) Packing and moving out. (It's easy for me to take errthing out, but not packing errrthing back in!)
5) NY plan. oh lord.

Meanwhile, I'mmuh in a progress of packing. :))

 Lish's boxes. (Whut? Only 3?!)

Buhbye boots. See you in winter!

Those Days.