Wednesday, February 23, 2011

this isn't me.

Hiya folks!

I didn't wanna blog but I guess I'm feeling so so so stress right now,
I just need to let everything out, I just need to blog.

My life over here at IUP is awesome since Day 1. I told the whole world that I'm super great
over here, everything is fine, going well, yadda yadda.

Well. Everything..but one.

Living with my roommate is like living in hell. Or worse.
I must say I'm a pretty outgoing person. I love meeting new people! I love making new friends.
It's not easy for me to really hate a person. It's not easy for ANYONE to hate someone. I mean, even if you actually heard me saying that I hate
this person, or that person, they were all just for that very second or I was probably real mad at that certain someone. I mean, hate is a strong word, seriously.
But ever since, I moved in to my dorm room, and I met my roommate. Boy, life's pretty tough.
Graaaahhh! I could just kill someone right now. Or not...
(Kill is a strong word)

I thought she'd be nice. I thought she'd be clean. I thought she'd be really considerate.
Yeah, I thought wrong.
I know I should've told her off whenever she does something that I just couldn't stand,
but I know she'll win me over by saying, "If you don't like me, just switch rooms."
I LOVE this room, this room is located at the best place ever.
I tried switching too, but the rooms are all occupied. Filled.
Gah, she's driving me crazy. And I don't have anyone to tell anymore.
My family and friends are like asking me to tell her off, but I think I shouldn't worsen the situation, any more.
I'm a pretty easy person, I could just go with anything anyone thinks it's ok for them.
Yes, I'm that stupid.
I think people who are considerate have pretty much gone extinct. They have all died.
I've been complaining to my friends and my dear family so much that I've stopped now.
I feel like crying because I can't believe this is happening to me right now.
Please stop telling me to tell her off, seriously.
It's pointless.

What else is there to do?
Feeling super down right now.

Now where are you, when I need you?

Those Days.