Monday, January 03, 2011

i'm so glad you made time to see me.


I feel so loved right now. You know? Just got back from my farewell dinner. Yes, my family and relatives made a farewell dinner for me! It's pretty awesome to have someone planning a dinner specially for you. At times, I'll daydream and wonder what it feels like to have someone planning a farewell dinner for you. I have always envied the lucky ones that got it. And I was thinking, when will it ever be my turn? Of course, there was the love-hate relationship that comes with it, a farewell dinner meaning you have got to leave to somewhere.. I don't know, somewhere far? But yeah, at that moment I knew for sure that I didn't want to leave my beloved family, ever.

Well, contradicting myself, here I am..leaving. (A twist of fate much?!)

I feel so loved right now, not that I have never felt this way before but you know, people will never be satisfied or happy with what they've got. And, as I walked this chosen path, I am changing, to the better. For the past few weeks, many have come to wish me good luck, my dear aunts and uncles have been giving me supportive words (of wisdom), grandmas gave me "ang paos" for luck, and finally, mom and dad and sis have been going all out to help me prepare for the ultimate change of my life - attending Uni in a totally foreign/alien country.

I feel so loved because of the amazing friends that I have in my life. They're so supportive, encouraging and full of surprises that would inevitably forms a smile on my face.

So what more could a pea like me ask for?

Those Days.