Thursday, September 16, 2010

it's so sad to think that he don't see what I see

Hello lovely ones!

My internet/laptop is working perfectly fine right now! I am overjoyed!! Yes, my joy's spilling already! Anyway, I've just got a little something to share with you, you and you, yes you (not the fact that my net is working!). I have recently read an article online, and I just feel the need to share it with you guys. (Talk about blogging mojo!)

Right, so do you like swings (wow, random much?)? I meant, of course everybody likes swings right? You know, as in swings you see in playparks/playgrounds. Personally, I love swings! I'll be literally running (like the wind) towards the swings everytime I step onto the fine, green grass of the playground. I just like being in the wind, when the wind gently brushes your face, helps flipping your hair unintentionally (winks!) when you know you've got no worries, you feel like you could just swing away all your problems, at that very moment! Also, isn't it heart warming to see how much children (and some adults) love the simple joy that comes from being on a swing?

Forrest, a young teenager is on a quest to bring a swing for disabled children to local parks in the States! He's a 14-year-old whose brother, Zach, has Cerebral Palsy. Now, if you do not know already, Cerebral Palsy = a group of disorders that affect a person's ability to move and to maintain balance and posture.

While growing up, Forrest watched helplessly as his older brother missed out on the fun of playing at the playground. So, he made it his mission to bring a Liberty Swing to their local park in Michigan. When this swing is installed, it will enable Forrest's brother and all others who are in wheelchairs to participate in an activity that many of us take for granted.

Liberty Swings were created in Australia and are not cheap. They cost $16,000 with shipping(holy toledo!). And you know what, this amazing young man has already raised $10,000. Seriously, how many 14-year-olds do you know who would work that hard to raise that kind of money for such a worthy cause? He's such an inspiration to so many out there, and I'm one of them!

He recently became involved with the Pepsi Refresh Project to further help him reach his goal. Have you heard about that? Simply put, people submit ideas and the ideas that get the most votes, get the funding. If he has enough votes, he would be having enough money to purchase and install not one but two swings!!

So yeah peeps, do me a favor, pretty please? All you have to do is to vote for his amazingly jaw-dropping idea! You'll be asked to sign up for Pepsi, just do it! It'll only take seconds, then you'll be a happier person, a happier you! Fyi, you can vote every day! Also, you can share this idea via Facebook, Twitter, and just about anything else!

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