Monday, August 30, 2010



During the long weekend, I didn't have anything to do.
Anything interesting, in particular.
Practically stoning away and dozing off.
My internet couldn't work.
Boredom kills, so I decided to text a "Meow" word to some peeps.
And these are their responses :

Eric: Yesh?
Shun Thai: Woof
Ming Feng: Hoot hoot?
Chew Lian: Har?
Cheryl: Lol. Hi zuuinti. (:
Kenny: Woof :)
Fion: meow?
Boyce: Have you started philo stuff yet? Ps wolf
Lish: Assignment how wei. my part almost done d just need an example.-.-
AmandaQ: Harrow.i is back.sorry never bring phone wit me.hehe you meow what? catwomen?


Those Days.