Tuesday, May 25, 2010

can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?

Blog's looking oh so simple and nice wooooh. Plus it looks whiter! (Now, that's a plus!)

So, during my two weeks of semester break, I spent the holidays going to Malacca with college
peeps, baking! and being sick for the remaining days. (I know right!)

I never thought baking would be my thing. I meant, most girls would love to bake, sew and all that jazz, but na-ah not yours truly! I have never intended to bake, or in this case, to TRY to bake ever, in my life. I would pretty much prefer to be the one who TASTE and not the one who MAKE. But boy, was I wrong!

So, Mandy and I decided to bake during our semester break. We had this very brilliant idea, which was to bake cookies for our loving moms, well because Mother's Day was around the corner! Went over to her place, and baked for the very first time! But I didn't do much, I admit it! Amanda Quah did everythingggg. (mostly la)

And this was the result :
Oh, this was when we poured teh chocolate chips! YUMMEH!

BEFORE! (We added extra strawberry chips!)

AFTER! Looks yummy, no?

Okay, well, this one was pretty a failure. Not THAT fail, but it's edible! The strawberry chips was worthwhile! At least, our moms loved it! Sorry for not giving you guys back at college for this batch, hehe, it's for our moms!

A week later, we decided to bake again! (Talk about addictive!) We wanted to bake yummylicious cookies for the guys cause they were having a major dodgeball competition. (Fyi, they won! yay!) And this time, it was superrrr tiring, maybe cause we made damn alot. It was enough for a whole orphanage, yo!
We literally died during the process.
BUT IT WAS ALL GOOD, it turned out to be damn yummy!
A slight failure, but EVERYONE LIKED IT!
Mom's colleagues LOVED EM!
Gave 'em out in college, and everyone liked it.
That brought smiles to our tiny faces, wooh! Hard work man. Paid off realll good.
Sorry for those of you who didn't get a chance to taste these wonderful homemade cookies :)

It looks way yummier in real.


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