Thursday, March 25, 2010

friendship is like a violin, the music may stop now and then, but the strings will last forever$

i'm such a happy girl, never been so happy ever, never better.
oh praise the Lord for giving me such an amazing life :)

On an unrelated note,
I became 19 on the 19th of March, (19 on a 19!) just a few days ago.
My final year, being as a teen! Hoho, I AM in the early adulthood stage, (yeh, human development).
It was a happy day, tho' it could've been happier, hehe.
And though, the start of the day was pretty so-so and the end of the day was na-ah, sad much.
But but! What matters most to me, was the in-between parts of the day!
I spent it with a bunch of awesome people who appeared in my life, not too long ago.
Best laaaaaaa you all!!!!

It was pretty much of a gathering thingy, 'cause we were so caught up in mid terms/exams/assignments and whatnots for a longgggg longggg time.
We didn't have time to bond with each other like how we used to!
S'yeh, I have very naiseeee friends.
They gave me food, gifts, company, a gazillion smiles on my face, and of course, a truckload of love being poured down on me like glitter.
They've always givin' me love almost every other day, but that day was a superb and d most epic day filled with so much love, plain words just couldn't express 'em.

And oh well, I couldn't meet my other awesome friends, which was the only thing that i regretted on this very special day of mine.

Sexy backs.
Pasta Zanmai is sooooooo gooooood :)
Mandy made me some homemade love in the form of some jelly.
This is what my beloved girls (Cherylinti, Bevy and Fion) gave me!
Those who came!
Credits to MF for letting us crashing his crib!

Had a very blessed birthday.
Thank you to whose who cared and made effort into making my day a good day!

Those Days.