Monday, July 12, 2010

the ugly truth.

At this point, I'm feeling :
mad, stupid, sleepy, dissappointed, thankful, regretful.

I haven't been really myself these days, okay, maybe for the past few months. I feel so anti-social, I feel as if people are not worth talking to (Sorry guys, if I offended you or feel as if I'm too cool to talk or a party pooper). I feel like, no matter how close I get with them, no matter how happy I am with them, I'll still lose the feeling of belonging one day, and that I'll lose them one day. I will, like I did, with most of my friends in the past. Some of them, who was super duper close with, no longer are friends with anymore. They have gone to move on with their lives, and even though I was apart of their lives, I will never be anymore. I don't know why it's depressing for me right now, but aren't we all the same? We're only human and we've taken most of the roads that people have took. We'll most probably meet people who will come and then go, and those who will leave a hole in your heart, and probably a tiny handful of those, who will stay permanently, like a tattoo, a real tattoo that you get in a tattoo parlor.

I've been thinking alot, and I realised I can't be like this, I don't like being like this. I wasn't like this. I've been keeping too much, I just can't handle any thing any more. Thank God for the friends, the real friends who will always be there for me, and my precious little family. Okay, what I want to rant is, what kind of a friend who keeps on taking advantage of you? You are acting as if you are a friend, a caring one, but when drastic times come, you ducked your way out the back door. Even if you did that 1 thing, I still gave in. But now that you're gone, why am I still affected by you? I shouldn't have and will never be affected again.

They say a picture tells a thousand words.
They're right because a picture tells a thousand of fake/opinionated perception words.

Those Days.