Tuesday, December 08, 2009

i want your love, i don't wanna be friends.

Barbeque Part II!
(pretty weird, no?)(where is part I?!)

Subang peeps (Manda, Boon and I) decided to head over to Ben's crib to finish all the leftover food! It was quite alot, but the big boys including K7 (7 chai) ate everything up in the blink of an eye, before Manda and I could finish everything lor!! (angry!)
S'okay, here comes the stoning part, I knew we were gonna stone, so I brought some Archies to read lor. (and i left some @Ben's ._.)
Andddddd, on a random note, I miss roller blading/skating! zomggggg, i damn kao miss my old pair of blades! fits my feet/legs perfectly! (also gave me bruises and whatnots back then)

Heehee! Did a first today! I finally went to cc! Yay! And zomg, played L4D (left 4 dead)!
Happinesssssssss, i tell you! Super syiok, i tell you!
Tho' I was pretty noob, but heyyyy, it was super fun!
We have to do this again!

On a happier and unrelated note,
Adranne has arrived at KLIA safely! woohoo!
Time to meet up, woman! :)

(Will update on Part I, heehee)

Those Days.