Sunday, December 06, 2009

even the best fall down sometimes.

:D :D :D :D

Smilies for you people out there!
So'yeh, I'm smiling like a happy kid right now, cause cause cause,
Yesterday la, and I'm still smiling now, shopping's a miracle, ain't it?
I went to 2 bazaars on sunny Saturday, with Mandy and Phaik Teng!
I was informed of a THIRD bazaar, but it was all the way in Rasta, TTDI. (taman tun, pj)
So we, subang people, prolly wouldn't go all the way to ttdi lor.
I would la, if i'm alone, or with my momma! heehee.

So yeh, met Ming Ke! (unexpectedly) when we got there! Haha, it was soooo funny. We didn't spend much, but we all got what we wanted!
We were happy girls, in the end :)
Had a lil' bonding session with Mandy lor, and I must say, we laughed and talked about almost everything *winks*winks*
And oh my gosh! I met Lydia! Omg, soooo ngam! :)

Finally called Audrey! Am soooo happy to finally hear her again!
Can't wait to see you and Steph!! :D

ps, Barbeque tomorrow night!! Oh, dear God, please make it all work! *fingers crossed for the 2334th time*

Those Days.