Sunday, December 13, 2009

and I know that we can be so amazing.

Sinful BBQ Part I!

After going to the chilling waterfall and Bev's steamboat, we'd figured we need to organise another event/outing/trip where we could all be chilling together again.
So, we (Mandy, Boon, Ben and I) decided to have BBQ @ Ben's crib!
T'was a failure at first, because not many(?) could attend, so we decided to postponed it.
And yeap, we had it on Monday. (because Monday is our holy day)(because Monday is a day where everyone is free)(because Monday is DODGEBALL DAY!)

So yeh, woke up at 8am ._. went grocery shopping with Mandy & Boon!
We were all damn sleepy, but we did our job and made the event super successful (Y).
Or not? ....?
It was more like a gathering than a bbq, actually. (what's the difference?)
Everyone was too busy chatting/ps2-ing/camwhoring/psp-ing/piano-ing/guitar-ing and etc.
But we ended up eating and feeling oh-so-satisfied :)

Just some piccas I took. Didn't really take much, 'cause everyone was moving and were to busy to layan me :D

7 chai with the chicken!

Future housewives y'all. (excluding boon la, don't know what he doing there also)

Haihhh, boys with their toys. (ps2-ing)

HI TRIXIE! (one super smart girl *winks*)


T'was a fun night! but i'm super duper sure we'd do better the next one!!

Those Days.