Sunday, December 13, 2009

take a deep breath and jump then fall into me,

Hahahaha, yup, i'm laughing to myself right now.
Why? Because, I've been looking at silly photos!
This post(a very long one) is filled with piccaaaass!!

So yesterday was Taylors Lakeside Campus Open Day! (Yesterday was also a damn kao hot day, fyi) And no, I didn't go there for their open day(hehe), but i went to see/watch the dodgeball competition! Mandy, Fion and I decided to go watch them play and before that, we had brekkie at Old Town ._.
Our bonding sesh in Old Town (perhaps our last one this year! T.T) with Fion, 'cause she'll be going to Japan(!) as a student exchange! (e-mail me fion!)
S'yeh, did I mention it was super duper hot? Tsk tsk, these weather changes can kill! (migraine, sweat, headache, sweat, you name it!)
Was dead, literally.
And HAHA to us 3 girls, we got lost on our way to the new campus, and made millions (and pointless) of rounds and realised the new lakeside campus is in Mandy's neighbourhood ._.
Yes, -.- exactly.

So anyway, the new campus is okayokay only la :) It was superbly hot, couldn't really enjoy the outdoor scenes. The best part of the whole thing is the lake though, you can even go kayaking!
Well, if you don't mind billions of people walking and passing and staring and looking at you while you're kayaking, then it's A-okay.
Anyhoo, Good Job to the Inti/Taylors players! Good job!
Enough said, and so the piccas come rolling...

You can see the lake from here!

Intimates! (inside joke)

Our opponents! UC 2.

Harlo Quah!

Rhae Yaenn & Mun Wai!

Inti/Taylors team!

Nat and Boyce (haha)

Then Jerrard came! He was s'pose to be in our team!



He was changing!

Foos time! Hi Mun Wai.

Fion! Potential profile picture (Y)

Harlo again. Hahahahahahaha.

Then Fion had to leave :( Haihhh. See you next year!! (or maybe next week?)
So yeh, we were basically stoning at the cafeteria.
And after the boys played their final match, we planned to go for L4D 2!
And so, we did!! Mandy cannot wait lor ._. she has been anticipating to go for L4D 2 ._.
But yesssss, the second one is nicer than the first one lor!
Hahahahahahhahahaha @ ninja and unnamed, omg! hahaha(inside joke).

Oh yes! But before all that jazz, Mandy and I was eye-ing on the new campus'ses grass! Hahahahahahaha, the grass there is damn nice and comfy to sit on. Not to mention, short and sharp too. High quality grass! (jakun much)(btw, the grass there is soooo not for standing or sitting ._.)
So we sat and chilled for a bit. We both made a super duper smart decision with the super duper hot sun glaring down on us, to camwhore at that very moment.
A bit fail, but hehe, just for laughs.

I kept closing my eyes, 'cause it was so hot.



Failure. Got shadow!

Make this your profile pic please. My drawings so nice.

Eyes closed! I failed! :(

Hehehehehe. It's a fun day, after all.
And oh! Picture of the day!

Battle of the Sexes! (meh)

Those Days.