Tuesday, July 17, 2007

i need something to rely on.

hellooo :)
ohh, this is gonna be one hell of a random post. heh. Okay, first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YEOH SUKHENG. ah, i just wanted to say that, not like she's gonna read it or anything. And ohmygod, ZhenFeng was super duper sweeeeeet! Well yeah, they celebrated her birthday today in school during recess with a big cake, presents and all that jazz. And and, ZhenFeng came as Winnie the Pooh. Haaa. Cute stuffy Winnie suit. That was like the sweetest thing i've ever seen so far this year. Yep, Steph said the same thing.

eh steph, why Winnie the Pooh?
*gives steph's stare* why not Winnie the Pooh? She likes Winnie.
yeah i know she likes Winnie the Pooh, but why didn't he came as Snoopy?
cause she likes Winnie the Pooh lah, rawr!

Haha, personally, i don't fancy PoohBear lah. Wonder if PoohBear's a male or a female. But i gotta admit, the PoohBear suit was cute! Anyways, that was really sweeet of him to do that for her.

Right. Basically, there was nothing for us to do after recess. We had like 3-4 free periods. Jess and I was listening to the mp3 player, her fav emo song to be exact. Oh gosh, we kept trading Archies every day for a whole month now. And and, August's test is coming soon! Sigh. ugh. scratch that.

Oh, and there was this random conversation between Shuj and I during Pn.Ruzmita's ModMaths. We were talking about her.

Omg, Shuj! She's pregnant!
Oh, funny.
I'm serious, look at her!
*looks at teacher* ehh. ya meh? no lah. its her fats.
but but, look! she looks like she's pregnant!
there's only one way to find out.
'Teacher, is your tummy hard or soft?'

Hell no, he didn't ask her that. He chickened out.
She's 10 times bigger okaay. Oh, there was this female blondie
'ang moh'/mat salleh/guai mui claims to be LimYee's cousin, came to the class.
She has DEEP BLUE EYES, just like Michael Scofield's.
I told you, it's gonna be a random post!
'if it takes, the rest of my life'

Those Days.