Saturday, July 14, 2007

misunderstandings? i don't think so.

Oh wow, this will be my second post. And no, to tell you the truth, i don't feel good. As in, not in the happy mood. Some guy pissed me off, but i.. ah, why bother telling :) So, i was suppose to go out with Lynn, yes, LynnNg today. She asked me last week,and this don't happen often. Haah, of course i had to say yes lah. Besides, she's gonna fly off to Aussie soon! But thenn, i'd received her IM at midnight saying she's free in the morning but gotta go to Malacca at 2pm. Due to the fact that i can't go in the morning and some stuff, we canceled it.
Hahaha, silly! I could still see her every 2 months :D
Somedaaay, I have to go to Maaai's house to do some baking, i tell ya. Ohh, and to those who missed Cheer'07 or wanna watch the competition again, Cheer'07 will be on 8TV tomorrow at 12 noon. :D
Ohh, i miss Xanga. Hahah :) It feels weird not having any cute lil emoticons all over your post.

'please. stop.'

Those Days.