Wednesday, July 18, 2007

there's so much more than empty conversations.

yooo :)
Sokaay. I'm soooo into On Fire by Switchfoot. Yes! Switchfoooot is love! It's a reaaaally old song. But heyy, i love old songs :) I'm kinda outdated on the latest ones. Hmm. Oh yeah, we were giving Christian/English names to those that didn't have one. Haaha. Gosh, they could be real silly at times. Let's see, there was Bobchard, Michael, Ken, Tommy, Gordon, Tiffany, DeeDee, etc. Hahaha, figure it out. :D

Oh geee, my Archies got confiscated by Moganam today! Grrr, i wasn't even reading it. Sharp eyes, i must say! But after all that pleading and begging or whatsover, she gave them Archies back! Woh hoo :) told you she's kind, despite her de-meriting hobby lah.

Ohh, WeiSheng's ill! Poor boy. It figures. I didn't see him for the past 2 days! But he came today and talked to his special someone, anndd, he looked awfully healthy after that? hahaha. Love cures lah :)

I want a Silky Terrier.

'i'm on fire, when He's near me'

Those Days.