Wednesday, August 11, 2010

those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.

I'm in my room with the air-cond on, blasting lovely music to my dear ears, on a hot, and I meant hot August noon, as I'm typing.

So what's been going on around me?
The previous sem break was only for 2 weeks. I practically stoned for the first week and decided to work my legs off, literally for the second week of the hols.
I worked as a promoter solemnly, because I've vowed to never ever work as one. My dearest mom got me the job, and tempted with the pay, the really good pay! Ka-ching! But I was really slow, I was taking my own little sweet time until someone else had already gotten the damn job.

It was truly my fault! But I did get another one, also a promoter, with a pretty higher-than-average pay :)
My 1 week job is to sell baby soothers, baby bottles, and baby whatnots.

What did I get after all that jazz?
1) I get to wear an apron, haha.
2) Made some new friends, young and old!
3) I feel very retarded for not being able to speak mandarin.
4) I'll be gettin' my pay on the 20th/21st!
5) Also, I feel retarded for being so so so goddamn shy.
6) Sad to say, I've realized, racism does exist.

Have you ever been in a situation where cute little babies come crawling/walking to you?
Well, I have been! They were so very cute, and I swear for a moment, I felt like having babies of my own.
Or, maybe I just felt like being one again?

Working has been a huge experience for me, and I wished I could share it with the person whom I've shared everything with.

Those Days.