Thursday, July 15, 2010

How did it get so late so soon?

Stuffs to do During the Holidays :

  1. Buy and read Dear John, with the original cover page.
  2. Work on some photoshop skills.
  3. Get a Lomo, or not?
  4. Take pictures during the holidays, wherever I go.
  5. Sign up for TOEFL.
  6. Buy a pair of sandals.
  7. Buy a pair of soft, comfy, no-giving-blisters-after-a-day's-walk flats.
  8. Buy a bag!
  9. Practive driving.
  10. Eat healthy!
  11. Sleep early! (Yes!)
  12. Watch We Got Married and Invincible Youth, (Y)
  13. Buy new highlighters for next sem, hehe.
  14. Applying for IUP!
  15. Baking session with MandaPanda.
  16. Help out with dodgeball!
  17. Plan a reunion with DJ peeps.
  18. Plan something fun with Dodgeball peeps.
  19. Paint nails.
  20. Eat good food, (Good food (Y))

Those Days.