Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i can see the edge, but i can't take the fall.

It's almost a brand new year :)
Goodbye 2009! Hello 2010!

To recall back, I haven't done anything much(or anything productive) in the first half of the year.
Had an awesome trip to China in the beginning of the year, and practically stoned for the next 4-5 months.
MIA-ed, away from so many people during that period of time.
I wanted to stone. I wanted to just sit back, relax and do nothing.
(phew! after a tough struggle in between sheets of papers a whole month!)
Hehe, no, I did not just stone.
I worked, for the first time ever in my life! Was happy, but it was one hell of a tiring job ._.
Did loads of research on the oh-so-many colleges we have around Subang *winks*
And after so many weeks, I decided to go for American Degree in Inti! :D

Praise the Lord, I must say!
I was superbly happy that I chose this programme from gazillions of programmes!
I was happy because I was a ''nobody''.
I was happy because I didn't know anyone (except one or two)!
I was happy because it was so near my house!
I was happy because it was a whole new environment.
I was happy because I get to learn new things(?)
And of course,
I was/am happier because of these lovely people I met!!

Fion! Hahahaah, she's soooo adorable! She could be the only one
talking all day, and we would all just listen to her. She's an awesome
driver with an awesome gangsta' car. And she's also my psych buddy!
:) Wouldn't get bored with her around.

Bev! Bevvy bev bev! She's so pretty, and she's so tall. I'll tell you a
secret (psst!) She wants to be an air-stewardess. :) So awesome,
ain't it? She's also an amazing driver! Super ganas lor ._. Hehe. Oh
yes, when she's annoyed, she's really fierce! Roar :P

Cheryl inti! Yes, i call her cheryl inti. Because she calls me zu inti.
She's damn weird, but I'm weirder, i think ;) One fact about Cheryl
: She likes pork noodles. Very very much. Yes, thanks to her, we got
to try the oh-so-famous pork noodles near Taylor's Business School.
She's one sweet, smart (and I mean really smart!) and sexy hell of a
chick! *winks*winks* :) Fyi, that's triple S!!

Oh harlo Amanduh Quah! Mandy, Mandy :) She calls herself
Amanduh,(so weird :D hehe, but I have a weirder name!) I like
Mandy :) Mandy suits you more la wei! And she has this signature
look (how cool!) the -_- look. If you see anyone with the -_- look,
it's definitely her. And oh oh! Experienced a couple of ''first'' with
her, like for example : almost died (hehe!), going to cc! (L4D!!) and
etc. She's a great midnight IM buddy, hehe! Nocturnal owl! Because
of her, I started using words like : ''wtfish'', ''harlo'', ''fwen'', and some
cute emoticons -.-

BoonHan! Boon! He's the older brother I never had :') He's everyone's
older brother, I guess. Met him and got to know him only at the end
of last semester, end of October? But ah well, he's flying already!
Parting is such sweet sorrow :( But we'll all be there for him when
he leaves! :) SKYPE AND FB!! :) DON'T FORGET!!

Kenny! My calculus buddy! He's superbly funny! Thank God for him,
always being with me during calculus. I'll die without him!
And yes, judging from the picture I posted right above,
yes, he's sucha' manwhore! He's sucha Gaga freak!
But then again, who isn't?! :) And he's the only person
I know who travels to Hong Kong (this year) as much as I eat rice.
Go figure! :)

ChewLian! Suuuuper duuuper tall, I tell you! A super gentleman :)
Super good in dodgeball! A super great cook! He's also super single?
Girls, whatcha' waiting for?

Mighty Mouse! Haha! k7! 7 chai! The gazillions of nicknames he has,
tsk tsk! Coolio friend, he'll come say hi to you when you're emo-ing
or something. Haha! Dodgeball freak.

RhaeYaenn! :)) She's sucha sweetie, she'll text me a very
sweet text message, whenever she notice something is wrong
with me, or when i'm emo-ing (yes, i'm emotional) She's been
so happy right now since she found her other half!
*coughJunHsiencough* So happy for both of them :) And well,
I guess she's the only one in this entire post who isn't single anymore *hints*

MunWai! Omg, hi bu4-ian! It's pretty weird that we don't talk
to each other in high school, and we're like hanging out with
the same people right now! He's sucha cutie, according to everyone!
Haha, jizz picture! :D

Oh hi Ben 10! Ben 10 is, soooo Ben 10 i guess. He'll only go to places
where there are pretty girls :) No girls = No Ben. Haha, I'm so mean.
And oh! He plays the piano, (Y).

HAHA BOYCE! HAHA! Okay, I'll admit, I didn't know
there was such a name. I thought it was ''Boys'' at first.
But Boyce! Haha he's from DJ! I'm half DJ-ian too! Half because I
was from DJ's primary school ma. *winks* Anyway, yes! Boyce
is sooooooooooooooooooooo funny. I think he deserve
the funniest person on earth award. I mean, seriously! Ask anyone!
You see this picture of his, also want to laugh already.

Just the 4 of us! Before we got to know the coolio people.

And not forgetting, my programme's president Richard (Super friendly! Super nice!), Guo Yi, Chyn Woei, Lichie, and many many more! Super glad to have friends like these :)

Ps, I searched the best/cute/pretty/hot piccas of you people on fb! Or at least, I think they're pretty cool :)

Those Days.