Tuesday, December 29, 2009

but deep inside, i wish it was me instead.

Today is a Tuesday.
The last Tuesday in the year 2009.
And, today was a bad/stressful/frustrating day for me too.

Slept at 4am last night, was IM-ing Mandy and some people, couldn't really sleep anyway.
Even when I was lying down on my super comfy bed, I couldn't fall asleep :(
I was thinking and thinking for the next semester! Argh!
Got a call from Cheryl at 11am (this is very early for me!!) asking me to meet both herself and Bev at college. I was dreading and procrastinating.
Pulled myself from bed and got ready in merely minutes. (10minutes to be exact!)
I knew it was going to be a super duper stressful day!

S'yeh, I was right! Finally made my lil mind up, (after so many weeks of thinking) and I realised/found out that my timetable is super packed.
(only for a day, but 6 hours of non-stop teaching/lecturing?)
Doomed, i tell you!
So anyway, am glad that I've finally got to meet Bev and Cheryl and spend some time with 'em again! :)

Rushed to OU after that! To meet (yes, finally!) my two all time favourite people in my life!
And oh, hehe! Just fyi, I've been to OU for 3 days continously these few days!
And, I've bumped into loads of people!
Bumped into Valerie and MingKe (haha, always see her one)! Good bumping into 'em :)
OU is always the place to bump into old friends!
Had loads of catching up (but not ALL!) and talked a whole lot :D
They're the only ones whom I can tell everything and anything to 'em!
Even if I was in my stress mode :(

Some plan/gathering/reunion ._.

Stephanie. Nobody knows/understands me like she does, :')

Audrey. After 2 long years for not being able to see you! :')

12 years and counting!
Sorry, I don't have a picture of myself in my camera, apparently.
I'm in their cameras!
Guess my day wasn't as bad as I thought it was?

Ps, Will update on my day with the usual ol' peepos, Shuj, Boon, Ewey, Pou and bumping into Pinky!

Those Days.