Sunday, November 29, 2009

you'll come out of nowhere, and into my life


am happy cause my blog is super pretty now!
My mission to pretti-fy it, is finally accomplished!
Woooh Hoooo!

And, (well) a little advertising here!

Okay, first things first,

Oh hey hey, the holidays season is finally here! I bet you people, wouldn't wanna miss the holidays or rather, spend the holidays by just staying at home, or (hehe) staying in this lovely country of ours. So, you people would prolly go on vacation/overseas with your loved ones and family members, right aight? But hey, you'd prolly have this fantastic idea of visiting that b-e-a-u-tiful place that you had in mind since years ago, and it's the hols right now, you'd prolly be thinking, ''What am I still waiting for?'' right?

Yup. I'm a damn good mind reader, you bet I am! Of course, it's your pet dog/cat/puppy/kitten/guinea pig/hamsters/snakes/beatles/sugar gliders/rabbits/turtles and whatnots that is in the way of your perfect gateaway right? Well, (hehe) no fear, because I am here.

I am willing to dogsit for you lucky people!
So yeh, you can have your perfect vacation with your loved ones without constantly worrying over your precious 'lil pets, because, they. are. in. good. (and cute) hands.
Your pets will have their perfect vacation too! (with luxury)


If you are interested, please tell me that you are interested in the 'lil cbox (chatbox) at your right sidebar.
*If you are wondering if i charge or not, I'll tell you that I do charge!
But of course, I charge with a super minimum amount, and no interest rates applied. thank you thank you thank you.*

Those Days.