Monday, November 23, 2009

i found you, something told me to stay.

sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh.
Whoopdeedoo, just woke up from a 2 hours cat nap!
Am going to sleep soon, (crap! why did i sleep 2 hours ago?!)
Watched Phobia 2 (i know right! was very very very, reluctant!)
But, i feeeel happy after watching it, you should too, I meant, every normal sane person would too. (winks winks)
Thank yous to those who forced/asked/begged me to gooooo, heehee, i feel sooo loved lorh.
Well, the movie's pretty much scary (not even scary to some people) at first, then it got soooo funny in the end, that you could pee in your pants, literally.
So yeh, the funniness just overlapped the scariness, (if you know what i meant).
And daymn! I just realised, I've wasted sooooooooo much time and monies!
Am still wasting time and monies, haihhhhhhhhhh.
Had to waste half of my Popeye meal :(


TO-DO LIST (??!!)

1. HELP on Wednesday (crosses fingers)
2. Meet Steph & Ana & the rest!
3. Shopping!!
4. Meet Shuj! Meet Ewey! Meet CBK! Meet Small Eyes!
5. Finish up my super duper long scarf. (yehyeh ._.)
6. Ice skating (zomg! anyone?!)
7. Zorbing! (if you guys still want to zorb, heh heh)
8. Earn money! = Work! (still pendinggggg)
9. Meet Audrey on 1st of Dec!!! (can't wait, have been waiting since forever)
10. Meet Adranne! (cannot tahan! must. meet. you!)
11. Practiceeeeee on ma' driving skills! Need to be geng before 1st of december!! (doubt so, lorhhhhh)
12. Get my photoshop CD from Cheryl (hahaha! always forgot)

Those Days.