Thursday, November 05, 2009

you couldn't have loved me better.

Am still sick, guys. I dunno why, I haven't been this sick, in months! But am feeling better, so much more better already, thank yous for the get-well-soons!
So, i had to stay at home these few days, to hopefully, fully recover by this week, because I've got soooo many plans ahead of me and I do not wanna miss 'em!
And, I've just finished my GG marathon(like finally!)!
So yeh, was checking out this really cute website, and I thought I'd shared it with you peepos.
I've got some reaaaally funny and D most adorable piccas here! :D

I want to steal this baby seal, right now!

Fion. Loloolo, damn kao big eyes.

Rhae Yaenn! HAHHAHA!

Aw! Sleepy much?

Double awwwhh!

I forgot this dude's name.

This is you, Bev!

This cutie's a ferret.


Damn kao cute lor, these ones.

''It'' is a caterpillar, mind you!

Wah, close up!

HAHA, Hi Ehhduh! I know this isn't the -_- face but, it does look like you!

Photos courtesy of!

Those Days.