Tuesday, October 06, 2009

this conversation is so last year.

So, last Friday(i know right!) Bev, Ben and I watched The Ugly Truth.
Hahahahahaha, like finally wei. Can die waiting.
And, zomg, my my, it was hellllll funny. Can die laughing too!
We could soooooo watch it again for a million times and still die laughing.
Well, this wasn't the actual highlight of that day =)
This(see below) awesomized everything.

Bev : Klang no jam one lah!!! Only 15 mins away!!

*From Subang to Klang* 50 minutes later.

Ben & Zu : WE'VE BEEN CONNED!! -.-

@Curve, Sakae Sushi. (muh, lousiest service ever)

Ben, he was eating by the way.


@Borders, =) to find Bevvy's book.

Say hello to BC #1 and BC #2.

''Cineleisure so empty.''

=))))))) HIIII!


Those Days.