Friday, October 09, 2009

it's soooo much, easier said than done.

I am missing so many things, and so many people right now.
These people, who was once a part of my life. And now, they're leaving, no, they left.
It's sooo true, when they say, ''You'll never know that they're there, until they leave you''.
It's like a sudden hit thingy, y'know?
Sometimes, you'll be like, ''Oh my god, I should've done that 3 years ago'' or ''Jeepers, I should never have done that''.
Walking down memory lane, much? This is not an emo nemo post, mind you! =)
I miss the old old old, super old times! I know right, i'm so old skool.
Never, never ever, regretted a bit.
I DO NOT, I do not want to grow old!
but, I have to.

There are 2 things I'm missing right here.
1) Audball (D'oh)

People always leave.

Those Days.