Sunday, May 24, 2009

but you give me one good reason,

A tiny rant :
Argh! I can finally sign into Blogger, after days of trying to sign in!
Blogger's screwed man.

Oh jeez, i have so many assignments to do! Only the 3rd week of college okay?!
S'anyway, had loads of fun for the past week. Well, there was American Idol, Calculus Quiz, College Players and stuff. Haha, we were so excited for the A.I Finale, i tell you! We went over to AC to catch the Finale LIVE! Yay! Mind you, we went at 8 something, so we sort of missed the first half an hour, (but who cares? i watched the repeats! :P) and was chilling there, plus revising Calculus wei. So hardworking okay! After that, Bev and I decided to miss the results and head over to class. Cally and Fion stayed to catch the results! Kris Allen won! Wooohoo! They were kinda biased anyway. Giving so many advantages to Adam, pffft. Cal Quiz was okay, I guess. We still have time to camwhore. Tsk. Tsk.

Jesssica and Bev!


So, the next day, wait, was it the next day? Kay, I had some pictures where we were hanging out in the CAE. Short for, Centre for American Education? It's a place where AUP students hang out, quite a cool place. You can play poker cards here, use the PC here, study here (won't be able to, trust me), play catching, play football, whatever.

Heehee, Cheryl. She's so adorable la.

Omg, scandal.

Heehee, what a cutie.

Another cutie la, this one. Oh, this is Fion btw.

The next day, couldn't have lunch with Bev and Fion, cuz they had Chem Lab session. Sooo, Rhae Yaenn darling, accompanied me to eat! Yay! She was suppose to go home but she didn't. :) Heehee, we ate, we talk. Talk ALOT!


Those Days.