Sunday, May 24, 2009

after all the things we got into.

Went to PWTC to watch Bev's contemporary performance dance! Yaenn and Fion came by early this afternoon to pick me up :) Fion parked her car over at my place. And off we go to PWTC with Yaenn behind the wheel and Fion guiding the way. Hahaha. Fion's pro at reading maps man, we were all good going to PWTC for the first time. But we had a lil bit of a problem coming back subang. HAHAH. Fun fun fun! Oh and Bev's performance was the bomb la. So tiring from the way I looked at her dancing. So so so, very pro, Bev! Thumbs up :)

Yaenn, Fion and I were chit-chatting throughout the event. It was boring, and the place was filled with old people. Grannies and grandpas man. :D It was kinda hard to spot Bev at first, we were like, ''Eh, that's Bev la!'', ''Nooo, that's not Bev la, she got fringe one.'', ''That's Bev la, she clipped her fringe up la!'' Hehe.

Us, three!

With flash, eeee.

Well, after all that, had dinner with Yaenn at Taipan. There's this very cute newly-opened restaurant called Yellow Cab, but when we got there, there was like, nobody but the workers there la. Kinda weird. So we ate next door, some Penang food restaurant. :) Yummy, and Justin popped by to visit us. Not US, I meant he came by to see Yaenn. HAHAHAH.

Zu : Eh, let's go to the zoo one day la.
Yaenn : Yes la, i want to go la. Ask the whole group to go wei.
Zu : I wanna snorkel also la.
Yaenn : Me too! Omg!
Fion : Let's go Malacca wei.
Bev : Bangsar!
Zu : Let's go Penang! Let's go Genting!

Haha, toooo many plans :( Let's do all of 'em before we fly!

To-Do List :

- Complete English Assignment by Wed, 27th May!
- Complete 2 Bio Lab Reports by Monday, 25th May!
- Practice Cal for Cal Quiz 2 on Thurs, 28th May!
- Study Psycho for Psycho Quiz 1 on Wed, 27th May!
- Get Psycho Assignment done by 5th of June!
- Practice driving :) Saturday, 30th May.
- CAR WASH! with the group this Friday, 29th May!

Those Days.