Thursday, August 21, 2008

this isn't right, this isn't even wrong.

oh, i kept telling myself that i would make this right,
but but, ahhh, i just don't know what to say,
so i'd chickened out.

i always do.
not anymore this time.
you've always been the first one to do everything,
so it's my turn now, to be first for once :)
i hope?

SO Anyway, theesy and i were having this talk, and i find it really amusing. An inside joke, mind you.

Theesy : Eh, i think she's talking about me lar!
Meee : No laaa, i think she's talking about me weih!
th : Ahahhahahahhaah!!

Like who wants to talk about you laaa, mama blaaaack!

P.S, what's wrong with my fonts? :\

Those Days.