Saturday, August 23, 2008

are you holding back? like the way i do.

Laptop's gonna get reformated :))
Yay, it's gonna be super duper cleaaan and

Thursday, thursday, thursday. I finaaaaaaallly went to CocoBanana weih! The place was awfully pretty at night, old people were the majority ones over there. Went with a couple of sj peeps, and ohmygod, guess who i bumped into, Theesigan! He told me he was busy! Monkey! I'll just post a few pics though, the others aren't with me.

I like the entrance a lot :D



Friday, friday, fridaay. Spent the whole day at the library with Dee and Lansi :) Oh, and i finally got to talk to Anaaa after what seemed like forever, i really miss the talks.

Everything, anything, will get better in time :))

I'm watching Full House again, it's addictive :(

Those Days.