Wednesday, April 30, 2008

it's like the whole world stops to listen

Shucks, it's May.

I've got only a month, no lesss than a month!
to stay with dearest sis.

Diary of a Crush is evil. Evil book i say! Eats up all my time, but it's just soooooo addictive :D It's the ultimate book, so go buy it, you readers!
So yeap, i've finished all 3 books! What a relief! but i've got nothing else to read/do now, so i guess i'm sticking with the school books for now.

Exams so neaaar, so i'll be m.i.a for the wholeee of May.
Um, All the Best to you people in the exams :D

Right, tata.

Oh oh :D not to forget,
Happy Kickass Seventeen, babe!

Those Days.