Friday, October 19, 2007

i gave you my heart.

ugh. someone's pissing me off!

and, my mom's merajuk-ing. gaaaah.

You! I talked to you the wholeee of last night till 2am, till i past my bedtime and i can't sleep no more. You know, the moment when u feeel really sleepy and you wanna just go to bed and nothing matters to you no more, and you just wanna sleep till the very next morning? Yeah, i was super duper sleepy last night, and YOU, sent me a text at that very tiring moment of mine, and mind you, that particular text wasn't any ordinary text, it was a text regarding 2 loved ones. What in heavens are you 2 trying to do? Of course, i didn't sleep lah! That issue was darn big, you know! S'yeah, that someone was practically one of the loved ones.
And, if YOU are reading this now, yes, i'm talking about you.
YOU, the one who played twister, yes you lah.

Anyways, i was texting Pinky at that very moment too. She was like urging me to go to sleep. But how could i sleep, i need to make myself clear of the truth about whats happening.
Besides that, another friend of mine was darn emo at that time, and i don't know which one to care lor. but good thing, she has someone else besides me to care :)

Oh wait, YOU didn't pissed me, don't get me wrong.
It's just that, the other loved ones kinda pissing me off.
Sorry, but i can't mention names.
I don't wanna lose anyone again.

p/s, YOU, i'm just writing out here, if you see this, gimme a msg, i need to tell you something!

'trapped in the past.'

Those Days.