Sunday, October 21, 2007

happy birthday grandma/ah ma :)
20th of October.

though i am really sure that today (2o.10.07) wasn't her birthday lah.
last year's one was around April.
we celebrated for her though.

Anyways, :) there were like tonnes of families went to celebrate her birthday today. Bought her a big big cheese cake for her. All the cousins met up, and we had truck loaads of fun! We watched Curse of the Golden Flower, and there weren't enough couches for us, so called, kiddies lah. We took darn loaads of pictures, and most of em are groupies. And drats, pictures aren't with me. Grandma likes taking pictures after that trip to Putrajaya.


S'yeah. I was at my grandma's place, and it was just a few kilometres away from The Pavillion and The Gardens. Aaah, Pavillion was much nearer. But gahh, it is just not my day. Somedaaay, i tell ya, i'll buy tonnees and tonnes of J.Co donuts thereeee!

And, omigosh! Joey, i loveee you!
You made my day. :D

'chemistry, chemistry, zinc, iron, bromine, tooot.'

Those Days.