Wednesday, August 10, 2011

who would have known how bittersweet this would taste?

10 things I hate about Summer :

  1. It's freaking HOT.
  2. It's freaking LONG.
  4. Days are longer.
  5. Because it's so long, you get bored easily.
  6. Summer = Spend time with family = Miss family 1242839x more
  7. Sleepless nights.
  8. Become unwell easily.
  9. Skin gets so freaking dry.
  10. Temperamental o:)

10 things I love about Winter :
  1. It's soooo cold, makes you wanna get all snuggly for comfort.
  2. You get to wear cute winter clothings duh.
  3. Days are much shorter.
  4. You get to wear super cute boots!
  5. Gatherings :))
  6. You'll still feel fresh after a long day without a shower.
  7. Best to sleep at night with the heater on, of course.
  8. Cool, breezy air to feel when walking to classes.
  9. Mood's up often. (I know some people get SAD disorder)
  10. Don't feel like going out = less money spent = happy face :D

Those Days.