Wednesday, March 10, 2010

if you were a beautiful sound in the echoes all around, then i'd be your harmony.

Just painted my nails,
a color that I would never have thought of buying/painting.
My nails are drying up pretty slowly, at a very slow pace.
My nails are drying, as I am typing. (ryhmes!)

Just a tiny rant :
To girls out there, have you ever talked to a male-friend, (just a friend, no strings attached kind of male-friend) who fyi, has a girlfriend and he replies you like really,
Okay, maybe 'mean' isn't the right word to describe it, but well, like in an ignorant way, like i-have-a-girlfriend-and-i-am-too-cool-to-talk-to-you kinda reply.
Does that makes sense?
I'd give you a scene, in fact, two scenes, to make your life happier.

Example #1
You : Hey, whut's goin' on?
Male-friend : Er, hi.
You : Omg, have you seen A around? I've been looking for her all day! Oh my gosh, I need to find her 'cause she has my pendrive, and everything is in that small 'lil pendrive, and I need it for my next class, and the weather is like, super hot to make me feel super miserable x10.
Male-friend : Er, no.
You : -_-

Example #2
You : Hello.
Male-friend : Hai.
You : Omg wei, I was at ABC Restaurant, and and I witnessed a pretty looking lady's bag got snatched out of her arm from a snatch theft on a motorcycle man! I was barely 10 ft away from her! Zomg, it happened right in front of me! Thank God, I wasn't in the middle of the road or else he would've zoomed past me!
Male-friend : O.
You : -_-'

Yep. Now you geddit.
I mean, it doesn't mean that if has a girlfriend, he couldn't socialise/talk/laugh to/with other girls right!
So annoyed lor!

S'anyway, if any of you who studies/lives around SS15 Subang, who so happens to be walking around Asia Cafe/Inti College, who so so happens to find a very pretty bronze ring on the floor/ground/road, please pick it up and contact me!

I lub Owl City!

Those Days.