Wednesday, February 10, 2010

you're the beginning and the end of every chapter,

Tiny lil note :
Okay, I'm super zuper late for the Boys Like Girls post, but um, as always, people prefer colorful action pictures than boring old words right? One thing's for sure, i totally did not regret of going that night! So, clicky *HERE* for the pictures! (you know you wanna *winkswinks*)

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii fellow friends, it's beeen a long, long time!
It's been a few weeks, and soooo many stuff had happened in that short period of time.
I'm not the type of person who dwells on their past, yadda yadda complain about their past and all but we shall just put that tiny fact of me aside, on this post. on this very particular post only.
Yesterday was a Tuesday. The most happening day, and I meant, veryyy happening, not the happy happenings, but the very-stressful-situations happenings so far in this year, for me.
I've always hated Tuesdays ever since the start of a new semester this year, because I've got like 3 classes in a row (non-stop!), 3 reading subjects in a row, 3 very boring subjects in a row. (say whut?!)
But well, it's not that i have to go through all of this alone, I've got my super lovely friends :) (ah, that's what worth living for)
And well, in a nutshell, I had my very first US History test yesterday. (Because of this test, I was sleep-deprived. Because of this test, I couldn't eat well. Because of this test, I had to postponed all of my other assignments and everything else.)
I would do anything to go back to Nabi Muhammad s.a.w.
I've never felt anything like this before, like, I sort of had a premonition or a feeling or whatsoever, that i would. not. do. well. even. if. i tried.
And bahaha, I was right. Pretty depressing at first, but dude, it's history!! I will never give two shits for a history paper. ('s a psych paper!)
Oh, and please people, when I say I couldn't do it, meaning I really couldn't do it. It's not like I need to lie to you, or whut? Why would I, right? Don't come to me and tell me that you couldn't do it as well, 'cause you and I both know that you wrote a whole lot of stuff and completed everything.

Save your breath, for someone else.

Well, right after that, i had to rush for my psych class. It was my turn to present this week!! I had to read this mega load of papers, a research article, and it's just not any research article, it's about being a gay/homosexual and how your religion affects your sexual identity kind of thing.
So yeh, i was pretty depressed in psych class to present and facilitate my article. Oh Jesus, why did I even choose this article?! My presentation was a failure, (blame it on meh!) but my psych lecturer, Ms.Khor was sooooo nice that she ''interrupted'' my presentation and finished for me.

Me : So....yadda yadda yadda
Ms.Khor : *interrupts* But you see, yaaada yadda yadda
----10 minutes later--------
Ms.Khor : *continues to yadda yadda yadda*
Ms.Khor : Sorry uh Zu. I had to interrupt into your presentation like this.
Me : *smiles widely* It's okay, Miss. (totally doing me a favor lor!!)

But hey, my article wasn't easy!! Ugh!

Guess my day ended up pretty okay.
With a chopped off hair, yaaaaaaay!

Those Days.