Wednesday, February 24, 2010

you are never fully dressed until you wear a smile.

I have a truck load of to-dos.
Hence, the emptiness of this blog.

My super long to-do list ever :

1) Blog about CNY or um, at least an update.
2) Have yet to make a dodgeball club email account.
3) Minutes for dodgeball meeting.
4) Finish my hong kong drama series.
5) Finish draft 4 for art class.
6) Correction on draft 3 for art class.
7) Study socio for mid term next thurs (4/3)
8) Study psych for mid term next friday (5/3)
9) Find picture references for art, minimum 2 pictures.
10) Start working on tracing ._.
11) Prepare psych presentation, pictures in powerpoint.
12) Print socio extra notes.
13) Print us history group assignment (done!)
14) Study us history for mid term, March 18! (jezus!)
15) Finish up socio assignment with group mates.
16) Find really really old pictures for psych presentation.
17) Finish up my scrapbooking!
18) Must...ask...cheryl for my photoshop cd.
19) Enlargement of the picture references in black and white.

That's all for now that I can think of.
I have already thought of what to draw, which picture to use and all for art assignment, but some chick in my class copied the exact same picture I had.
Soooo, i'm changing everythingggg and starting from scratch again.

Miss the holidays already, this is sad.
Okay byebye.

I feel like having nachos now.

Those Days.