Thursday, January 07, 2010

you're the bird, and i'm the worm.

Currently : In library. (all alone!)

This will be a short post! But well, short post is better than no post! Righhhhhhttt?
Amanda went l4d without me, sadness! Haha, nononono, cannot. l4d.
Must, resist. temptation.

Oh chyeah, I just borrowed 2 books! For the first time! Haha, if I don't need the books (desperate times call for desperate measures! chhyeap!), I wouldn't even have to borrow it ._.
And yes, I have to start selling my books! It's pretty dumb of me, not to sell 'em.
(Keep for what?!)

Mini update on my week :
Art class = Very cute old man lecturer (baha!), pretty chilling (Y)
Sociology = Ah, socio. Um, *squeezes brain's juice*
History = Omg! haha. Epic class, nobody listens. But pretty happy cause will laugh/stone/rot and die with Amanda.
Psych (Human Development) = -.-

Omg! omg omg! It's Ne-Yo's night tonight! *wanna be on yoooooo (8)*
Anyone going for the concert? Anyone going for the after party?
Update me!

and, I have a feeling...

March is going to be a terrible month! :(

Those Days.