Sunday, January 24, 2010

if it's not real, you can't hold it in your hand. you can't feel it with your heart.

22.01.2010 - Orientation Night!
This was the day we've been waiting for, and it's finally here!
We've been planning/waiting/anticipating for this very day since last year. (which is 2 months ago)
The committees (AUP Society) did a superbly amazing job, I must say!
Although, there were a few misunderstandings and out-of-control-stressful situations, plus the heavy downpour-that-did-not-happen-in-any-other-day-but-literally-happened-on-this-very-day, at the end of the day, every impossible thing was possible and the event was so successful that even words couldn't explain it.
Of course, extra credits to the best President in the world, Richard and d most ultimate program coordinators, Bevvy and Ting Ting!
Super glad to be one of the team and to be a small tiny bit part of this awesome event! :)

So yeh, the day started out pretty tense for me. 'Cause I had my first Psych quiz from a totally different Psych lecturer. :) Turned out okay, I guess. *fingers crossed*
Fion and I were mad tired after class, and we headed home to zzz.
The usual peeps were at CAE, as usual, pretty stoked about Boyce's performance. (zomg!)
Boyce actually performed his version of ''Pants On The Ground'' on stage, hahahhahaha!
I kid you not. He's got balls! Hahahahaahahahhahaahahhahhaa, omg, he's so funny!

Whoops, sidetracked.
Goshes, I'd actually forgotten to bring my own camera for this special day!! :(
Pictures were taken from Mandy's cam. :)
And the rest of the day was spent with Amanda Quah! heheheh.

Teman-ed me to eat.

With Amanda and Ming Ke, and her matching ice cream with her top. lololol.

Hardworking peepos! (Y) The stage so pretty!

Then it rained! zomg. *dies*

Chilling @ CAE.

So yeh, some of them were at a secret room, wrapping hampers and gifts and whatnots.
It was raining, so Mandy and I were stoning in the ''secret'' room.

#1 Take one. (Blindfold her cause her birthday coming)

#2 Take two. (hahahahhahaahhaa)

#3 Take three. (with the kidnapper in the picture)

And it got worse....

#4 Take four. (-_-)

#5 Take five. (ninja!)

Then, miracles happened! It stopped raining. And we moved on to Plan B - moving the whole stage to the concourse (indoor).
With the help of sooooo many guys.
Waddya' do with all the protein shake in yo'?!
At least, some of them were making themselves useful.
Finally, the show begun!!

Our very own Mr.Pants On The Ground! :D

Committees and commitees' friends. Priviledge much.

Zomg! Psycho Anthem. They rocked the night!


Mandy, Mini disco ball, Pei Wen, and Ming Feng!

He stinks. Hehe.


Mun Wai milking Pleo.


Bev so busy! Tak layan me.

Hi Boss!

With Machi. Great performance!

With Chew Lian. hahahahha.

Sorry, i was looking down! Not easy to bend okay!

Chew Lian and Afro Chew Lian.


One word = Awsomazing!
Next, prom? :D

Whaaaaaat a long post!
Picture of the day, or rather, week.
Or month, perhaps, year.

#6 Take six. Very funny meh?!

Those Days.