Saturday, January 30, 2010

cause when the roof cave in, and the truth came out.


Super rushing day for me :(
Was rushing at full speed just to meet two shorties. hehe.
Our last meeting, our last bonding session, prolly our last seeing-each-other-with-all-three-being-together-at-one-place. (if you know what i mean)
At least, not for another 2-3years time.

Have a safe flight to Oz (eventhough it's pretty near), and not only do you need to study real hard, but of course, you need to play hard too! =) keep the balance/ratio? i am soooo gonna miss you, audrey snggggggggg. email?! please do! and yes! whatever happens, you'll always have me and stepho by your side, and update us with everything and anything that happened to you okay!

Heh, have been seeing you for 2 days in a row! I shall come visit you in HELP, one fine day! I will! But, i will still see you in prolly 2 months time? :D

Those Days.