Wednesday, December 23, 2009

and when that world slows down, you'll be there.

Sorry for not updating! A tad too lazy, (blame it all on the mojo!)(no-mojo-excuse)
No mojo = No updates.
Got mojo = Got updates.
ding ding!

Current mood : Feeling super duper down :( because i cannot gain weight. I have tried all my mighty might to gain as much weight as i could, but .. .. .. no.. ... result. I know, you might think (''wtfish'' is she talking about? everyone is wanting/begging/dying to lose weight) but, *sigh* I really need to put on some weight. Because,
Bcoz I think I'm shrinking! :(
(wha-? how can anyone shrink?)

Mini updates on my last few days!
1. Watched Avatar!! (zomg! zomg!) The highly anticipated movie of the year worrr. mmm hmmm.
Yep, it was an epic (literally!) movie, I must say! But but, I watched it in 3D (first time, hehe!)
And the movie was like almost 3 hours? (2hours45minutes, to be exact) So, it's pweety tiring
for you and your eyes. Yeh, you know what i'm sayin'. And for you peepos out there, who
wanna watch it in normal mode, don't hesitate to call me!! (o1*-3*8*1*6)

2. Went to DU with old time buddy, Shin Chieh and Xiao Wen. Updated myself with things ;)

3. My parcel came!! But it doesn't fit me!! Very depressing!! Will never buy online again!!
(or not?) :(

4. Homagoshhhh! :D Something made me very happy! It happened the night before last night,
I think? Apparently, a mother cat gave birth to 4 lil' kittens in an empty box just outside of
my house! How cuteeeeeeeee! The kittens were awfully beautiful! :) 2 light brown ones, and 2
grey-ish black ones! And and and they have stripes on them!! Our hearts melted :') *aww*


Little one :')

They can barely walk! Cuteness overload!

All good things (in this case, cute things) eventually will come, to an end. We were playing with the kittens until we caught the mother cat's presence, sneaky lil thing. She was behind us, looking with super fierce fiery eyes.

Sis : zomg! the cat there! (points)
Me : (looks) zomg! zomg!
Moomy : oh! oh! faster put the kittens in the box!!
Mother of all Cats : *hissss* *hisssssssss* (show fangs)

Really lor. She hissed at us, and showed us her fangs. I've never seen a cat's fangs before.
So we ran into the house, and God knows what happened next. Mom said they'll all be gone the next morning, cause cause they're off to some ''safer'' place worrrrr. And of course, moms are always right, they were gone.
:'''( (sniff)

And today! Met up with Lichie in college to see study plans(??) Ugh, so annoying, I tell you! I'm still pretty much clueless. Which state am I going? Which uni to go? What to take next sem?
Do. not. ask. me!!
Scratch that.
Some happy things happened as well, I finally went to meet Adranne after soooo long! (hehe, sorry)
Welcome back to your home sweet home :D
So, we went OU and had Delicious!! (ahhhhhh, closest to heaven)
We had loads of catching up to do and stuff, (the buddy who planned to go to UK with me, and also the buddy who isn't going to UK anymore with me) haha? i bet you peepos don't know a single thing here.
Anyhoooo, we practically spend a whole lotta time @ Delicious lor.
We had lunch, went around Ou's old wing, to reminisce on places we used to go when we were in form1 and form2 :) and we went back to Delicious to order my awesome blossom Chocolicious Sundae!! but but but, don't have today!! :'(
Had chocolate brownies with ice cream instead ._.
Okayokay only.

I took the first bite, hehe.

Adranne :)

Fun day!
11 more days till college starts!

Ps, I am still craving for chocolate + peanut butter waffles and lok lok with Mandy and Phaik Teng!

Those Days.