Wednesday, September 23, 2009

and i lost my faith

I just watched One Tree Hill's Season 7 opening. (i know, i'm a snail!)
And (not to worry, i won't be giving too much spoilers!) homagod, i can't believe i've missed out on A WHOLE LOT. I was the ultimate fan of OTH, until series like Prison Break, Heroes, 90210 popped out of nowhere. This is sad. :(
But hey hey, I'mma catch up on these amazing shows very, very soon ;) Wooo, can't wait!
So, i was bored last night and decided to check on ze spoilers of OTH season 7. And, oh boy oh boy, I was shocked to read the news.

But before I move on, heehee, check out my favourite couple :)
This dude's sizzling hot okay! (you might remember him from CSI)
And i've always like Brooke.

Mmmmkay. The before and after reaction.

Reaction (before the news)
''Oh boy, can't wait! CAN'T WAIT to check out the surprising hook ups and what nots. and everything else that I've been missing over the years. :D ;D =D''

Reaction (after the news)

How can la. They should just end the whole drama-rama in Season 6. already. Nobody's gonna like watching Season 7 anymore. (i think?)
Because, .. check out who's missing in the picture below!

Of course, only peeps who have seen OTH, would prolly understand.

Those Days.