Tuesday, August 18, 2009

take everything that i know you'll break.

MTV World Stage post.

Firstly, would like to thank Bev and Moral guy(forgot his name) for the free ticket, ngeh hehe heheheh hehehee. Thanks a bunch! I was desperate to get those passes, after seeing/knowing soooo many peeps got it for free. Plus, Cheryl and Bev's going too! Cheryl is soooooo darn lucky, i tell you! She got her free passes from tongueinchic. Anyhoo, was kinda mad/annoyed that people are actually selling it for like a hundred bucks, 200bucks and even 300bucks. 300bucks for a normal RED pass? Sooo not worth it. Was on cloudnine when Bev texted around 2am in the morning, telling me, she has 2 extra tickets, one for fion and one for meeeeee! ALLL 4 OF US WENT, HAPPYYYYYYYYY.

When we're finally there, we had to wait for cherylsnail and we were pretty late when we got to the surf beach. But we managed to get ourselves good views later on. Even better than the ones who came super duper early, heh. Was blinded by the sea of people. Oh, did I mention that, Estranged (a local band), was the first to perform? Hahahaha, totally missed half of it. It was hell hot, everyone was sweating like mad. The real world stage actually begin when Boys Like Girls perform!! Everyone got so ''high''! And oh oh oh, the All American Rejects rocked the nightttttttttt away! Everyone got ''higher''! I loveeeee Hoosbastankkkk. Who doesn't?! We were almost deaf after everything was over. Soooo worth it, I say :D
Sad for Kasabian though, people started to leave right after AAR. and Kasabian was the last band to perform after AAR. But but, they have quite a number of fans too, surprisingly :)
Wassssss superrrrr highhhhhh from the beginning till the end, and I must say, it's an awesomeeee experience lor. Such a waste, for people who couldn't get tickets/passes ;(

Those Days.