Sunday, March 09, 2008

there's more than what you've heard.

It's March, It's March, It's Marchhhhh!
man, it's march.

That was random :S

So, yesterday was Election Day. Followed mom to her polling station which was in KL. To some unknown school, and to my surprise, that particular school looked like DJ primary school you know. Their buildings, location of toilets and staircase, canteen, etc looked the same as DJ primary school la. Nono, they're practically the same! So yah, anyways, people had to like climb to the top floor, (the school has 4 storeys, fyi) to mark an X. HELLO! what about those who are in wheel chairs or or old people, 60-80++ years old grandma, how do u expect them to climb all the way up la?!
Damn inconsiderate okay!

When we were leaving, HA! damn i was right. There was this middle-aged guy who was in a wheelchair, he doesn't know what to do. Clueless o__o. A lady came and gave him a slip/paper, the paper where u marked your X onto. Then she took it back after he'd done with it. HELLOO! she could have thrown it away or look at it, which was P&C ok!
no comment, 'nuff said.

oh oh, wait, did i mention that voters/citizens were given a PENCIL but not a PEN to mark their X?

Damn imba.
Aaaaaah well.
who cares.

Those Days.