Thursday, March 27, 2008

i crossed all the lines, and i broke all the rules.

helloooooo =)
Just a tiny recap :D, pardon me.

19th of March, 2008.
Yes, i am another year older :)
Thanks a LOT to those who made my day, an awesome day!
I'd really really appreciated it :D from the bottom of my heart!
Lots and lots of hearts to you people ;)
AND, definitely no hearts to people who'd pretend they don't know.
mm song them, :DD

Had a super bloated lunch at PHOP, Paddington House of Pancakes today with jessayang, sisigan, hauyon and yinhao.
Good service, i must say :)

Okay, busy, busy week for my school cause sports day is tomorrow. Haha, no offense but it'll be a lousy one this year! the field's already like an olympic size swimming pool and there's nothing they could do laah. Anyway,

ALL THE BEST TO BLUE HOUSE POM POM TEAM, plus blue will win again this year! :D
Cheers to 'em! :)

Those Days.