Friday, December 07, 2007

can you tell me how we got in this situation?

hellooo :D

Hmm. It's been long since i've blog eyh? :D okay, tis' the season to be jolly, tra lalalalalalalaa. It's the Christmas Season! Come come, spread some love ya'll :D

Have been doing/out alot recently. Lets see, Dorothy's birthday dinner, Lish'es birthday dinner, watched Stardust for the second time with the loved ones, Mr.AdrianTay's bbq, made jellies for everyone, shopping with Lish, etc , hmm. speaking of shopping, i am still finding for the right bag :( okay. scratch that.

i forgot what i did actually :S

anyways, went out with Audrey S and Stephy O, Steffi O, hmm, sounds funny. We were supposed to have our dinner together today ;) Audrey and i watched The Heartbreak Kid. we were late okay! was rushing to GSC as fast as our feet could take us. but we managed to buy 2 tickets and enjoy the movie before it started ;) Oh oh, and we bumped into Rhema! and a couple of her friends. the movie was a-okay, it wasn't actually all thaaaaaat gooooood.

After that, we decided to talk a little, eat a little, at Robert Harris. Audrey's favourite place :)
but we ended up, sitting for like an hour and a half waiting for stephy. sloww. It's alright, Audrey and i talked alot while waiting, and it made me feeel good :D
Then, we had our dinner, desert to be exact at Ms.Read. The Chocolicious Sundae there is darn nice lor! guarantee you will be satisfied :)
And, of course, not forgetting, pictures :D

p/s, my pics are everywhere :/

it says DELICIOUS!

my mom called okay!

Stephy O

i <3 her :D


Aud : Can do funny faces or not?

I <3 her too :D


Chocolicious Sundae <3

Audrey S


we're so so so close :D
we've been together for 10 years! 10 YEARS WEIH!
and still counting.
always and forever lah.

'you're exceptional, the way you are'

Those Days.