Tuesday, November 20, 2007

now my heart's in two, and i can't find the other half.

helloo :)

bahaha. audreyyy<3 we're destined to be together forever!
p/s, i ain't done talking about our eh heh heh reunion :D

riiiiight. i miss blogging :D anyways, it was Dorothy's birthday a few days back which is the 17th of November, 2007. So yeaah, I missed her sweet sixteen party so i went for dinner with Kristine, Lish, Doriee, JiaMin, RachelMak! and SamuelSam in the apartment. We wanted to eat at Italiannies but it was packed that night, the apartment was great though ;) i'm waiting for Doriee to send those pics, so that i could post it all at the same time. yahh, will post em some other day okay!

Omygosh, i'm going to see Sim, Ana and Heng Kit for 10 days non-stop! So crazy laaaah.

Oh yeaaah, i went to Ou yesterday to meet up with the loved ones. We were practically stoning in GSC for god knows how long okay! But heyyy, it was fun stoning with em :) After stoning and crapping and all that jazz, we decided to go to KFC to get sherwen's wedges. and woots! i saw Kane and Dru like for the very first time in years! :D Yeah, then i bought my world class chocolate and sherwen bought her starbucks. HELLO! all four of us were practically sharing the ice cream and starbucks. aww, thats love :D

Kaaays, then it was movie time. Watched BEOWULF. eew. Beowulf likes being naked :S very weird. seriously. Lish and i kept complaining about the movie and the theater, so potong.
I don't wanna repeat what Heng Kit and Sher Wen wrote in their blog. So yeah, feel free to check em out :) if you've got nothing better to do.
omg lah. i don't like the pics :(

click here or here ;)

omg, so you guys have the same post and all. potong. PFFT.

'i'm better off, without you.'

Those Days.