Thursday, October 04, 2007

yeah, like 'forever' will last.

Uh yeah. Hey :)

I will not talk about the exams or papers or whatsoever. 4 most wanted subjects, students have been longing to drop em' these days/for the past years have gone to Neverland, or rather in the hands of harsh, no-heart human beings who sets questions that is as hard as alloys, who never put themselves in the shoes of us, students. Okay lah. 4 toughest papers are over :D yay! 2 and a half weeks to go.

Oh yah! This is to the Form3's and those who are having exams for the past few days,
it's kinda late for the Pmr-ians,

Oh, do you know that Sunway Pyramid is now launching their new wing? And they have like so many sales and stuff and events going on theree. I'll definitely go have a look-see after the exams or somewhere in the Raya hols :) It's within walking distance over here to Sunway. Okay, maybe you can't walk there with all the big broad roads and all that cars vrooming. But, it's near to my house. :)

And i can't wait to go to The Pavillion in KL :D
Somedaayy, i will!
I heard that they have models welcoming you :S
Maybe not me, but all the rich and famous people.

'it won't end, just yet.'

Those Days.