Wednesday, October 31, 2007

now my heart's in two.

heyyy :)

well, the final exams are sooooo over! and it felt like we were in hell for a whole month. but who cares? sad times are over, happy times are next :) and the holidays meaning more happy faces, less stress and more shopping ;D

''It's not easy to be with everyone'', oh hell yeah, i totally agree. You've been trying extremely hard to fit in and no matter how hard you try, yes, you might somehow feel that oh, you've fitted in, and that's the main point and nothing else, including on whether you're feeling happy or not, matters as long as you're in. but eventually, others might not be thinking the very same way you were thinking. And sooner or later, you will fall back to square one, back to where you first started, back to being alone. At that very point, nothing, absolutely nothing else matters to you no more.

But then again, there will always be thaat special someone who found you when no one else was looking. And you will finally realise that being ''in'' or ''out'' isn't the main point. Being happy is what matters most.

Love the ones who loves you. ;D
Say it like you really mean it, and not just for the sake of saying it.

Hugs make people go lalalalala,
start by giving someone a hug :) and they will obviously love it.


Those Days.