Saturday, September 01, 2007

if you look.

hello :D

It's been a while since i've blogged! Hmm. Honestly, i don't feel like blogging anymore. As in like, gonna shut this blog down :( but but, nah. Blogging gives you memories :) the good and bad ones aights. and that's what keeps me going! leaaaad a balanced life :D even. equal. whatever.

Anyway, last week was the holidays week :) it was okaay. Didn't get to go to Singapore for my shopping spree. Sheesh. I was so ready okay! But then, i went to KLCC and Bangsaarr. So yeaah. And i'd managed to own some awesome stuff, and in the blink of an eye, all the cash flew away :) baaaah.

And yeaah, on last Saturday, it was Vonne and Laine's birthday bash. They were having it in One World Hotel, ya know the hotel next to One Utama, yeah thats the one. It was hell of a funnn day :D spent the day with SherWen in Ou like what seemed forever. Then Kongg and Sean came in the picture. and Kong left us. and all three of us went to Starbucks to kill time. And TowJen still owes me one. Tsk tsk. The party's theme was Wacky-Hair, so we did our hair ourselves without the help of any saloons! SherWen looked darn adorable with her coconut-like-hair okay. We were like jakuns in the hotel's very-spacious-and-gold-in-colour toilet okay! Darn it, the toilet was seriously hugeee. as in, they have truck loaads of space in there. yeah, makes me wonder though.

Uhhuh. then met up with Keean with his afro. and all of us went up to the twin's suite. They were still in there having professionals doing their hair. Tsk tsk. And of course, their hair was the bomb! Yeaaah, met up with everyone then. And Laine's band performed a few great songs :) Okaay. Before the band performed, we, being ourselves, started taking pictures with everyone :D

Justine and Pua Sze.

Justinee wanted me to do her pose :)

Yivonne wanted us to do her pose.

Keean's hair stole Sher's limelight :D

Justine's darn cute.

awesome babe.

The Hotel. gold/yellow lightings!

ChinKen looked so cutee when he drinks :D

Met up with AdrianT :) he won 60 bucks that night.
The girls were all high, and guys like Jimmy and JoeyL took their shirts off!
Jimmy has nicerr bod than Joey lah :D
They were so crazy over the 'Mafia' game since the Genting trip, still am though.
School this week was okaay though.
Oh dang, i have Sejarah and BM presentation.
Happy Merdeka! Happy 50th birthday Malaaysiaa!
Ooh, it's really late now :)
Off to bed :]

'i'm tired of sunsets.'

Those Days.