Thursday, August 09, 2007

when all else faaaades.

heyaaa :)

Currently doing myy PJK project. Hahaha. It has been delayed like, forever. Aiyah, no worries.
Just copy and paste lor :) Tsk tsk. So yeah, went to BM tuition in the evening. Sim was being such a nice person! He came but Mai didn't. It was a good thing he came though. or else i would have been bored to death. Then, there was this girl who was super taaaall was sitting at the right corner, and Sim randomly told me that she was his admirer in primary school. OH RIIIGHT. oh oh, and i'm hell TALLLERR than KhaiYeee :) how awesome is that?

Hmm. Oh, and i had prayer meeting today! Poor Melanie and Jamie, they were sick lah. Get well soon yoh :) and KahMun didn't come! Heh, so much for the pinky promise, woman! we had a new song today. From the Inside Out, by Hillsong United. But i'm still in love with Fall in This Place, by PlanetShakers. Two very awesome songs :D
Ohmigosh. I'd just received an sms from SherWenbabi, a Happy 090807 day! HAHA. I didn't realised it. oh mann, so cool :) thank you truck loads :)

I want to go to Ewey's physics tuition in SS2.
Everyone's there :)
I suck in physics, but most importantly, i get to see them again.
Heh. and why am i not going?
'Cause, its on the same time and day as my BM one.

'never endingggggggg'

Those Days.